Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Topps 2009 Series 1

I finally had some time to upload the pictures I took of the hobby box I recently opened. I hope to throw up some stats on the cards I pulled from the box later on this week.

I wasn't totally thrilled with the McCann relic card, and I'm hoping I can trade it off for either something more interesting or cards to complete the series 1 base set.

I was disappointed on the Brewers front. I didn't score a Hardy, Fielder, Weeks, Hart or Braun card. I'm unsure if they're all in Series 1, but I suspect at least a few were. The Alcides Escobar and Mike Cameron cards I found were dinged on the corners, so I'll have to see how to go about getting those (as well as the 6 or so other cards) replaced by Topps.

This was the completed madness from late last week. I've got a couple of thoughts from the insert sets.

I'm not really that interested in, or intrigued by the Turkey Red insert cards. I'm hoping to trade all these off. Just not my thing I guess.

I did dig the Legends of the Game inserts as well as the Ring of Honor cards and might look to trade to finish off those inserts after taking care of the base set.

One thing I did notice is that I don't think I got a single duplicate card in the entire box. I'm amazed by this, but again I haven't been collecting since the early 90s.

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