Monday, June 29, 2009

Goudey Short Print Treasure Hunt

This weekend marked the first time I'd purchased a pack of Goudeys in over a month. Honestly, it felt like forever, and I missed them, so while I was at Target Friday night I grabbed one pack. Oh, also, I mistakenly grabbed a pack of 2008 Topps Series 2. I thought I was grabbing 2009. Lesson learned, never grab and run. Look carefully, both ways, lest you walk away with something very undesirable.

Anyway, I was excited to see that my Goudey pack was useful. Prior to opening this pack I was down to needing only 10 cards for the base set of 200. Make that 9, and welcome aboard Mr. Curt Schilling.

It helps that I love Curt Schilling too. He and Mike Mussina were definitely my favorite pitchers of the last decade, and yes it helps that they lead my fantasy baseball teams to greatness, I won't lie about that.

Now, back to the short print treasure hunt. I was lucky to have pulled a Ted Williams to go with my Whitey Ford and the Johnny Bench I received in my bundle of Goudeys from Card Cache. Now I'd like to go for all of the short prints, and I grabbed this list courtesy of Cardboard Junkie:

201 Brooks Robinson
202 Carlton Fisk
203 Gaylord Perry
204 Jack Morris
205 Rollie Fingers
206 Ron Santo
207 Sparky Lyle
208 Nolan Ryan
209 Whitey Ford
210 Phil Niekro
211 Ryne Sandberg
212 Jim Palmer
213 Joe DiMaggio
214 Johnny Bench
215 Ted Williams
216 Robin Yount
217 Ozzie Smith
218 Reggie Jackson
219 Yogi Berra
220 Mike Schmidt

For the time being this will be my Goudey focus. I'd especially love to trade for the Jim Palmer or Robin Yount cards to get this started. For convenience I've listed the cards I have in bold. Once I've tackled these short prints from the base set, I'll look at getting the Sports Royalty and Heads Up cards. I'm also currently looking for more 4-in-1s and will post a list of cards I need/want this week.

I have some 2009 Goudey Minis I'm willing to trade. You can check out my previous post here.

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