Friday, January 15, 2010

Trade Completed With Carl Crawford Cards

Trade Completed may be a misleading lead-in. Let me double check the definition of the word trade . . .

"An exchange of one thing for another"

Yeah, that's what I thought, this wasn't really a trade. More of a CTBNL type of transaction. Unless of course I sent something and just can't remember.

However, I do want to thank Paul from Carl Crawford Cards for sending over a Phil Hughes Goudey that I can now trade to my card collecting buddy Brian. Probably for another Sports Royalty or Short Print I'm looking for in the Goudey set.

Paul was also kind enough to send along 3 other Crawford cards he had duplicates of. I should explain a little, I'm thinking about adding Crawford to the player binder I've started which now includes Mike Mussina, Jim Palmer, Rickie Weeks, Alex Gordon, Will Clark, Jake Peavy, and Joe Mauer.

Crawford helped my fantasy baseball teams to a couple of titles throughout the 2000s. I have a soft spot for him, and I may have to go re-acquire him for this season.

Here are the 3 other cards that were sent in the package.

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