Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HBL Week 14 & The Ginter Code Update

I can sum up how I already feel about this week of fantasy baseball in 2 words. John Ely.

Sweet jebus man, all I wanted was your super safe ERA and WHIP, mediocre Ks, and possibility to notch a win in 2 starts and you go and DESTROY me last night. Thanks buddy. If Jake Peavy hadn't become a man in recent weeks I'd probably be more upset.

So I'm rolling 6 starters out there this week. Ely and Medlen are pitching out of the relief spots in my rotation (thank you dual eligibility), to go with Peavy, Verlander, Niemann, and Kennedy. Billy Wagner is the only closer getting a shot this week. Marmol has been brutal on the WHIP lately and Heath Bell has been brutal on it all year, albeit in limited innings. I can roll three closers later, time to catch up in Wins and Ks (fingers crossed).

I'm doing some ridiculous stuff on offense this week. I was forced to pick up Ronny Paulino to after playing without a catcher last week (VMart), and now I'm starting Russell Branyan at first base. Yup, I am. Weeks, Jeter, Rollins, Longoria, Crawford, Byrd and Aubrey Huff (I think he's back to hitting) round out the rest. Looking forward to climbing back into 2nd or 3rd place if I can have a good week.

On the baseball card front, I busted my box of 2010 Allen & Ginter last Friday. I didn't do scans, but I took pictures of every pack as I ripped it for the Gint-a-Cuffs contest. I'll have to spend some time tallying up and posting the break soon.

I continue to work on the Ginter Code. It's brutal. As far as I can tell, no one solved it in the first week. Not even the two champs teaming up have broken it, or if they have, they haven't said anything yet. I quickly scanned some of the other blogs and forums this morning but haven't seen anyone claiming to have solved it yet.

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