Sunday, May 17, 2009

HBL Week 7

Looks like I've missed a week or two of documentation, plus I've got a bunch more card posting to do.

Such is life while on vacation.

Pulled off what I deemed a fantastic trade this week. Sent out Mike Gonzalez and Bret Myers for Lance Berkman. With Berkman, a career .300 hitter sitting at .208 on the year, he's prime for a 15-30 stretch with 8 HRs. At least that's what I'm hoping for. We're still rolling three closers out there with Downs (for now), Heath Bell (who pitches once a month), and Francisco Cordero.

Meanwhile, here's to hoping Verlander stays hot and that Liriano can find his dominant self again. I don't think we've started Liriano much this month, which is fine, he's been mostly terrible. Chris Volstad will also have to pull it together. Johnny Cueto has been complaining to us lately about a sore back from carrying this pitching staff all year. Sheesh.

Don't fear Johnny, Jorge De La Rosa is in the fold now, and Old Man Randy Johnson was kicked to the curb. I can't believe I'm counting on De La Rosa to help deliver us to the promise land. That guy was such a wack job when he was in Milwaukee, but maybe he's blossoming late (at 28) like "they" say lefties do. Whoever they is.

And then there's the really bad news for Week 7. Rickie Weeks is going to see a specialist, again, about his wrists, again, but this time his left wrist. Nothing about this makes me happy. No backup 2b, not a decent FA option (screw you Marco Scutaro), and I was about a week away from finally saying "I told you so" to the rest of the league about Rickie finally proving that he's got MVP caliber talent. Oh Rickie, why did you have to do me like that.

My prediction for this week, Ryan Howard, Lance Berkman, and BJ Upton all get hot and start leading our team back up the standings.

Tomorrow my goal is to post about the current Goudey obsession a friend and I are going through. I did pull a memorabilia card from one of those 8 pack blaster boxes, but that's all you get is a teaser right now.

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