Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ginter Code, moving at the speed of molasses

Hey, so, if any of ya'll out there are working on this thing, and need scans of anything, just let me know. Willing to share everything I've collected to generate more interest in this thing while it plods along at a snails pace. I require nothing in return, just want to see those interested get everything they need to move forward.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Codemaster

I love the wicked games you play, but I've got you licked this year.


Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 Ginter Code Live Blog . . . I Wish

Who would have known what great lengths The Codemaster would have gone to this year to preserve his precious secret message(s).

But, by gosh, he certainly has. Let's start with the fact there is an entire 350 card code parallel set to go along with some other key cards and who knows what else. This thing is a monster. I can say that after just 5 days of what I'll call "information gathering" I'm tired. I'm tired mentally more than I'm tired physically.

In the past, it's behooved people to work together, or work in teams, or whatever, but this year, even that luxury has been mostly mitigated. Having one person trying to assemble all 350 cards to play around with is one thing, having two or three or four trying to do it? That's just insanity. Just try keeping track of 350 images of cards yourself, let alone making sure someone else has copies of everything.

And even once you get your arms wrapped around that portion of the code, there's still the fact you need to figure out what to DO with the darn cards.

So, between the code, a 15 month old, and just keeping up with my streaking Brewers I could no more live blog my attempt on the code this year than I could figure out how to solve the deficit crisis. Just fitting in a good 7 hours of sleep each night is challenging and I'm sure there are people that are hitting this thing harder than me (YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY PEOPLE!)

That being said, I've had several other bloggers and code aficionados contact me and I've been happy to talk Ginter Code with everyone and I've even done some trading. So please, feel free. I think everyone could use a little banter during what is likely to be the biggest blowout of a Ginter Code we've seen to date.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's Trade! Ginter Code Trading Scans Madness

Last night, as I went to bed, I quickly became disillusioned with the Ginter Code.

Kudos to the Codemaster for taking into account the group dynamic and putting together a huge code. The only thing is, I'm put off by the greed. Late last night you could see people selling scans of their code cards on Ebay. I have little problem with that, but when you consider the fact that some people bought a group of code cards only to see their cards then sold as scans, well, that sucks.

So here's what I want to do. Let's just get Part 1 of the Ginter Code over with as quick as possible. As collectors lets do what we did as kids. Let's trade the heck out of these, for free.

A couple days ago, I actually purchased code cards, a big chunk, and a few decipher cards, before the madness started and my stomach turned. If you want to trade, let's trade, I just want to see everything right with the world of Ginter Code.

Contact me via my profile here. I'm most interested in the code cards themselves at this point, but will trade and trade for the decipher cards as well. I have a few hundred available. We can swap needs.

Happy Codebreaking, and let's feel the love people, not the greed!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Where Are The Ginter Code Cards?

Who does a brother have to, ummm hook up with cards(?), to uhhhh see some 2011 code card action?

The people are thirsty for Ginter Code nuggets. My page views are off the chart, so it must be true. I know nothing. Although I suspect it has something to do with the Free Masons (no I don't, or do I?).

Hook a brother up with some Ginter lovin'. If I get my hands on any I'll post em up.

2011 Ginter Code

Apparently Ginter has been live, somewhere, for a while (I was unaware) and 2009 co-champ/2010 team-champ Nick Jacoby has a little info about this year's code.

I'll be curious to see how this year's code plays out. Each of the previous year's codes were a variation on the transposition cipher, some of which included using null characters (dummy characters to be thrown away).

The interesting thing about the evolution of the Ginter code is the use of implied and written keys.

For instance the first code in 2008 used like words to link together a chain of cards (implied order), and then used numbers to grab the word and set the position of said word. Very cool.

The second year, 2009, the first key was implied through the patterns found in the borders of the 100 code cards. Once this order was set, a boxed letter on each card told you which letter you needed and the message that was formed gave you the last key to the transposition which used the symbols on the cards, and the color of the backgrounds. Null characters also needed to be removed from the final string of characters to make a readable message.

And last year, 2010, the first layer of transposition was implied through the use of subsets (Celestial Stars) and perhaps even the code advert card (constellations in the background). The second transposition key was written on the cards in the form of stats on the back of the card. Also cool.

Unless the Ginter Code makes a giant leap into the world of substitution ciphers (which I doubt) we should be looking at another multi-layered transposition cipher, with some implied keys and some written keys. Looking forward to seeing some cards later this week.