Friday, December 18, 2009

Puttin Out An ABP On 3 Goudey Base Cards

Much like many of you answered the call when I put together Operation Fig Tree to complete my own Goudey base set, I need some more of you to answer this call. I'm doing my friend Brian a favor and asking if anyone out there has an extra Phil Hughes, Cristian Guzman, or Shairon Martis 2009 Goudey base card laying around out there.

Now, don't everyone rush at once to trade off your prized Guzman and Martis cards. I want an orderly line at the front door of the blog. And to be truthful I could stand to trade for 2 copies of each of these cards.

I've got a bunch of Topps U&H cards from this year listed within my trade area that someone may be interested in. Also up for grabs are any of the T206s I've either posted or will post in the coming days. Otherwise we can go the PTBNL route.

Your help and attention to this matter are greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

T206 Pack Break

I lied, I totally did something else today. This. A Pack Break. I think I've got approximately 10 posts that need to be written regarding trades or packs. I need to get crackin'.

Greeting me in all his Brewery goodness when I opened the pack

How I love you Hoff. I was wrong, and I admit it. You weren't old and washed up. Just old. And wow, you are a dude who keeps in terrific shape. Looking forward to another year of zeros in the 9th. And we'll need it with all the crooked numbers the starting staff is going to put up. Probably most of the bullpen too.

Little Nate McClouth action. And by the way, I'll totally trade any of my non-Brewer T206s for Brewers.

Next up is an Elvis Andrus bronze parallel.

Followed by, Joe Saunders.

And a Mickey Mantle checklist card.

One of my favorites, Rogers Hornsby.

And to close, an Old Mill mini of Garret Anderson.

If I Do Nothing Else Today . . . Trade With Democratic Roadkill

It's going to be posting my trade with Duane from Democratic Roadkill.

I sent Duane 9 A&G Code Cards from my failed attempt at the code this summer. Silly me, I thought I'd need the actual cards to pull it off, so I started pulling together some of the cards that were deemed important. Well my folly is Duane's gain. In addition to those code cards I sent over a pair of Goudey base cards to help him complete his set, a pair of A&G back 09 minis, and a pair of regular back A&G 09 minis. One of which was The Mick, who I still needed for my mini set, but I was happy to oblige Duane being that he pulled together some much needed Goudeys for me.

Here was the haul. To start, we've got 3 Goudey Heads Up cards that I needed for my set, plus 6 4-in-1s. I really do enjoy the Heads Up cards. I think the design is neat with the various stats or nicknames plastered all over the front of the card. I'm also digging the Yount and Fielder (and Schmidt and Howard) card. All Fielder needs to do is win an MVP this year and we can call that an MVP card.

There were 6 more 4-in-1s needed for my set:

And finally, for some reason, Duane had the Bill Hall Goudey Graph. Very recently I had a $1 bid rejected on eBay and I felt sad about that. I shall feel sad NO MORE. I've not got the Gallardo, Hall, and Gamel Goudey Graphs. Still yet unaccounted for are JJ Hardy and Prince Fielder. If you see either of these Goudey Graphs, please let me know.

Also, I'd be willing to take on, via trade, any Goudey Graphs you just don't want to hold onto. Even Wade LeBlanc ;)