Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today Was A Good Day

Oh boy, it's Carlos Gonzalez Goudey day.

I stumbled across an outstanding card collector over at Shot Not Taken named Raymond.

He had just busted open some A&G cards and was very excited to find a framed relic of Ichiro. It was a jersey relic, and I had the matching bat relic to pair up with it. So I offered it up in a trade.

And just as karma would have it, he happened to have bought "only a handful" of Goudey packs this year, but without those few cards happened to have Carlos Gonzalez. After a bit of negotiating (really just more like "I dig your A&G minis"), he agreed to send over a few of his black bordered minis with Carlos to complete the trade.

Little did I know that he'd send over all the minis he had. And due to an outstanding evening I once had in Seattle approximately a year ago that oddly enough, involved a unicorn, I was stoked to pick up the A&G Unicorn Creates of Legend, Myth, and Terror. If only I could have landed that relic. I'd give anything for that relic!

Well I won't spoil the surprise for Raymond, but I did include another card in my trade for him after finding out a little more about what he collects. I'll let him show it off on his site once it safely arrives in New York (and sorry for the delay over the holiday weekend).

I was also happy to find out that not just one person, but two people had the Bob Gibson and Kevin Slowey cards I needed to fill out my base Goudey set. Mr. Collective Troll - I apologize but you were beaten to the punch by my good friend Alex, my friend's 5 year old son, who oddly enough tucked them away in a binder earlier this summer, only to lose the binder somewhere in his room, only to have his dad happen across said binder. Alex then offered up the final cards I needed for my set in exchange for a Joe Mauer relic I received earlier this season from Ryan at Card Cache.

I don't think Alex could be more excited to get the Mauer jersey card. He'd been telling me all summer how bad he wanted it and I told him if he could finish my Goudey set, I'd do it. And I'm a man of my word. Little did I know what fate had in store for me, however . . . (to be continued in my next post)

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