Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ginter Code, moving at the speed of molasses

Hey, so, if any of ya'll out there are working on this thing, and need scans of anything, just let me know. Willing to share everything I've collected to generate more interest in this thing while it plods along at a snails pace. I require nothing in return, just want to see those interested get everything they need to move forward.


  1. Note to Topps: Making it move slower, and more massive in terms of data collection isn't "more fun" or drawing in a tonne more people (I don't think, maybe I'm wrong).

    If anything it's much less fun this year.

    This isn't a reason to stop doing it, but there are plenty of ways to do this thing without going this route.

  2. I posted the scans of the code cards i have..on the bottom of my last 2 blog posts....i dont know if they were ones you needed or not....or if you even need any more scans....... GOOD LUCK!

  3. Appreciated. I have everything which is why I'm willing to share with anyone who wants to take a shot at it.

    Topps went to pretty great lengths to make the first part take either a lot of time, and/or determination. I'd rather anyone that is interested in trying the code be able to break it. Shouldn't be all about the money, should be about the code breaking.