Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chrome Anyone?

I'll start this off with a question for those of you who collect Chrome. What's the draw?

As far as I can tell, these are just "chromed-up" versions of the Topps base set, right? I'm saying that as if its a negative, but don't mean it in that way. I'm curious if there are people who collect both these and the regular Topps cards as well. I know very little about the product other than it seems to re-use the same photos from the base set and there are some variations.

I'm willing to be educated on this set and the merits and importance.

I did purchase a retail pack at Target the other day, just to take a look for msyelf.

I ended up with Kosuke Fukudome, Kaz Matsui, Erik Aybar, and an Xfractor of Jesse Chavez (RC). Nothing exciting for my collection, but I can throw them up in trades if someone out there needs/wants these cards for their collections.


  1. the draw for me was the rookie autos. Those tend to appreciate pretty nicely down the road. Especially if a refractor.

    Also the cards they chose are the ones that tend to "pop" more with the chrome effect. Some look nicer than others.

    Overall though, I have a full set that just sit in a box. If you are going to collect them, get binder pages to display them. And careful with those fingerprints!

  2. Sure, it may just be a chromed-up version of Topps base, but by that logic isn't the base just a glossed-up version of Opening Day?

  3. The one thing I go for are the players that have been traded, have new pictures in their new uniforms... so I grab a team set of the Braves, and a few rooks, and I'm happy

  4. Shiny is just good fun. And I do like some of the different cards you get -- players in their new unis, rookies, etc.

    But last year was better when a lot of the veterans had different photos than the flagship set.

  5. Like I said, I don't actually see anything wrong with the set, just wanted to confirm that for the most part it's repeat photos. I like to check out the photography (and stats), so if most of it is repeated it wouldn't be the set for me.

    But I do admit, it looks cool as hell which is why I bought a pack just to see what it was all about. Do they garauntee autos in the hobby boxes then JD?