Friday, February 5, 2010

Deal Finalized With The Troll

Let me start with some words of wisdom: Never try to finalize trades when you're over tired after being on the road for a week.

I say this because right now I'm praying to baby Jesus that the Troll gets the cards I told him I was sending.

Speaking of Baby Jesus, Troll sent me one of his cards for my collection.

Which is good, because I jettisoned most (all?) of my A&G cards this year. Speaking of, anyone who speaks up can get a pile of about 100 minis. I need to move them out, all in one fell swoop. No time to work out individual trades. So if someone out there wants a nice stack, just say the word, shoot me an email, leave me a comment, and send me your address. They're yours.

Wow, that sure was a digression if I ever saw one. How about that first card, you know the one that you saw when you first landed here. That's some sort of 1970s (1972?) 3D card of Jim Palmer. This predates my original SportFlix cards from the 80s or 90s or something like that. Anyhow, what I love about this Palmer card is that I'd never known it existed if not for the fact that it arrived in my mailbox. To the Troll I offer my sincere thanks.

Both of the cards shown above were some nice throw-in to our original deal. Originally I was asking about the Topps Legends of the Game inserts, and he came through with some of these for me as well.

I just realized this week that I have no idea how many of these cards exist, why the numbering is different on some (LLG vs. LG-something), or why some are different colors. As always, please feel free to enlighten me. But first, to close, 2 more of these wonderful cards.

PS - Thanks for also knocking off a nice chunk of my 2009 Topps U&H and Series 2 needs which can be found over in the sidebar.


  1. Damn you Roy!!! JK. I like minis... A day (hour) late and a dollar short I am...

  2. I know some are platinum (like Reggie) and that makes the numbers funky with a P, PHUNKY! Glad they arrived to ya okay. Hope you had a good trip!

  3. PHUNKY is right. Makes sense. I should probably just go find a checklist, but I have a feeling that will leave me daunted.

    Roy, minis are yours - congrats. Thanks for helping make my card collecting room a better place!