Monday, September 28, 2009

OPC Snooze Fest

Inspired by the OPC Blaster break over at A Pack A Day I thought I'd pick up a pack tonight.

I thought the photography looked fantastic and wanted to see for myself.

I was let down, but will still likely pick up another pack. Anyone else out there collecting OPC this summer? Thoughts? I'll put these cards up for trade as well now that I traded off my Turkey Reds although I'm still looking for the various things contained within that post. Consider it a scavenger hunt.

My pack started with Bret Myers. Oh Bret Myers let me count the ways I loathe thee. First and foremost your card is boring. Let's just leave it at that.

Card number two, Face of the Franchise (Dodgers) and Bust of the Year, Russell Martin. Another boring face shot. Ho-hum.

Alex Gordon black border was the third card. Again, uninspired photography and this shot is apparently used over and over in the set from what I've read over at A Pack A Day.

This next card of Hanley Ramirez is supposed to commemorate a particular moment in 2008. According to the back of the card it commemorates the entire season and thus is dated March 8, 2008 . . . which is what - the start of spring training? Maybe I'm missing something.

We close out the pack with a boring shot of David Purcey and famed womanizer Omar Vizquel who I'm not sure even actually played last year for Texas. Maybe this is just an attempt at humor.

Well, I'll have to take another crack at the OPC later on. It didn't help that all the photos here were pretty lame and that I outwardly dislike three of the players in this pack. Not to mention my endless fantasy letdown from Alex Gordon over the past few years.

I still say everyone out there should rip at least a pack of OPC to see what you get.


  1. Hey, I never said that OPC was the best. Honestly, I did like opening that blaster. There were some pretty good shots, but way too many of them are boring studio poses. And the Moments subset has got to be about the worst one I've ever seen.

  2. Don't worry skoormit, I don't blame you. I'd never blame _you_

    I really like the design, but studio shots are as you put it, terribly boring.

    I'm still working out how Hanley Ramirez' season equates to a March 3rd date or whatever it was/is.