Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Favre Bowl

I've got a backlog of posts coming in the near future after doing a little trading to kick off October, but I must admit that my attention was pulled away for the Vikings-Packers game last night.

I fully admit that I'm a Favre backer. 20 years from now, my kids aren't going to ask me "Dad, what was it like to watch the Packers in the 80s?", they're going to ask "what was it like to watch Favre play" and I'll happily recount the story of Favre sticking it to the Pack on Monday Night Football.

Just like there had to be a day when Brett Favre was no longer a Packer, thankfully there will also be a day when Ted Thompson will no longer be the GM, and that day is getting closer and closer and I'll be happy.

Sorry to digress from cards, but I just wanted to go on record.

Lastly another digression, but after I stopped including my fantasy baseball team updates here on SS92 they started to go on a bit of a tear in the second half.

Even though my pitching failed miserably this year and Justin Verlander and Heath Bell were the lone bright spots, the offense took off.

Ryan Howard, Troy Tulowitzki, Ben Zobrist, even Vlad and Beltran once they got healthy came back and carried my team out of the cellar of a 12 team league and into 6th place.

This is quite an accomplishment. Heck even Chris Davis finally showed up and showed off his power potential down the stretch.

So here I sit, ready to watch game #163 for the Twins and Tigers and I could lose my 6th place finish if Granderson or Miggy are credited with an RBI today. I lead a team by .5 pts in the roto standings and lead the team with those two players by 1 RBI. 1 RBI and I tie for 6th place. 2 RBI and I lose it.

The only reason I'm semi-interested in my 6th place finish is that teams that finish in top half of the standings in my league (but out of the 3 big money slots) are given sandwich picks in our minor league draft the following year. We just added this wrinkle to increase competition down the stretch and it's seemed to work.

Well, I'll return with some card posts soon.

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