Friday, October 30, 2009

Allen & Ginter Mini Set Builders Unite!

An A&G minis flea market? I'm going to give this idea a whirl even if it's a tad self serving. Hopefully it can serve a lot other 'selfs' as well.

I've now gotten to the point where I've collected approximately 100ish minis from the A&G set and I'm planning to post my 'For Trade' and 'Want' lists.

I've been scanning any blog I could get my hands on recently to see who is attempting to do the same thing and I know there are a number of you. So if you happen to stumble across this post, please leave a comment with a link to your 2009 A&G mini needs or up for trade lists. If you're just someone that needs to find a home for your minis, go ahead and link or post what you've got up for grabs as well. My hope is to get as much of these lists as possible in a central spot will facilitate more trading among everyone.

To get the ball rolling I'll post my availability list tonight. I think I've decided I can part with the mini insert sets and I have 10-15 from the various Hoaxes, Myths, and Heroes subsets. I'm going to keep a few that I like, but the rest will go up for trade to try to pull back other minis - maybe some black minis since they're just so cool looking.

My list of A&G minis available for trade:

LMT14 (Griffin), NH3 (Toussaint L'Ouverture), HHB17 (Reavis)

Make an offer on my list of black bordered minis if you can help me more quickly finish the base mini set:

6 (Eaton), 20(Jones), 49 (Jiminez), 144 (Soria), 164 (Bedard), 174 (Lannan), 266 (Cueto),

My list of A&G minis need:



  1. I'm interested - I've got some black bordered cards I'd be willing to part with (more than the one currently listed on my "for trade" page) in exchange for regular back minis that I still need and/or the remaining mini inserts I'm looking for. Let me know - my entire want/have list of '09 A&G can be found here:

  2. Sharpe, I am looking for Monsters cards, my Hoax set is complete and I am not doing the World Leaders. I have a few regular minis I would part with. I am also seeking Bazooka back Rays, Negro Leaguers, Brian Roberts and Pat Neshek. I know that Play at the Plate, Democratic Roadkill and Saints of the Cheap Seats are all working on the mini sets. No Ones Gonna Read This Blog is working on black borders... I don't have a list ready yet...GOOD LUCK!

  3. Good start, I'm going to get my list up tonight. I appreciate you documenting the other sites. I might start a little section up near the top of my Need/For Trade list (after expanding it) for helping each of us knock these sets out.

  4. Here is my 09 mini wantlist:

    I don't have a to trade list up though I have a few listed on my blog....I have at least 100 regular back extras.

  5. FanofReds - I can see that I could send a Josh Hamilton N43 your way, as well as the Griffin (LMT14) and mini #13.

    If you want to shoot me an email we can work something out?

  6. Yeah, I'm definitely interested in trading with some people. Right now I'm looking for black bordered minis, I'm thinking to abandon collecting the regular minis. I just need to put up my haves on the list, but the rest is up to date.