Monday, January 25, 2010

Off For A Week Long Trip

I'm doing a stretch of business travel over the next 10 days.

Little bit of DC later today and tomorrow, New York City on Wednesday and Thursday followed by San Francisco next week. Since I can't seem to find any 2010 Topps here in Minneapolis, maybe I'll find some on the road.

And with that, I'm off, but not before showing off a Jake Peavy card I acquired in trade last month.

It's a horizontal Turkey Red to boot! And I love it. This card came from my buddy Brian, along with the entire set of Topps Propaganda cards. Speaking of those propaganda cards, I have an extra Roy Halladay now that I have the entire set if someone was looking to trade for it.

Just to go on record, I'm darn close to finishing Series 2 Topps and I've decided to make a run at U&H. I won't be able to update my U&H needs list until I get back and receive a package in the mail from The Troll - just a little foreshadowing to keep you all in suspense while I take my leave of you.

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