Friday, September 3, 2010

Prize #1 For The ?

How about this, we start the ante with a 017/299 David Price on-card Sweet Beginnings. You solve the ? down below, and it's yours. I started by issuing this as a challenge to the three Ginter Code Champions. Mr. Wong, Mr. Jacoby, and Mr. Gellner.

This is probably as much exposition you'll get from me on it for now, but this idea started after I felt sad about this year's Ginter Code and really not having a shot to break it. Having to wait another year for a new interesting puzzle to solve seemed much too long of a wait. So I created this monster instead. For now, since I have no clue how hard this is to solve, I'll just offer the Price card as loot for winning. If it strings out longer than it took people to finish off the Ginter Code this year, I'll potentially start adding more interesting things to the mix.

Good luck if you decide to work on it. Thanks for reading.

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