Wednesday, April 29, 2009

About the Loot

Since I promised more about the cards I found - here it is:


CBR-BM - Brian McCann Game Used Bat

Gold Parallels:

#308 - Chris Duncan (1551/2009)
#299 - Hamels World Series MVP (1463/2009)
#125 - Roy Oswalt (1192/2009)
#105 - Francisco Liriano (1889/2009)
#34 - Brandon Inge (1910/2009)

Black Parallel:
#16 - Brian Stokes (55/58)

Legends of the Game:
LG22 - Thurman Munson
LG18 - Roger Maris
LG15 - Pee Wee Reese
LG14 - Johnny Mize
LG6 - Tris Speaker
LG2 - Honus Wagner

Ring of Honor:
RH27 - Kevin Mitchell
RH25 - Lou Piniella
RH23 - Mariano Rivera
RH21 - Johnny Podres
RH19 - Pedro Martinez
RH17 - Gary Sheffield

Turkey Red:
TR46 - Josh Johnson
TR40 - Kosuke Fukudome
TR37 - Kevin Kouzmanoff
TR36 - Jacoby Ellsbury
TR20 - George Sisler
TR19 - Brian McCann
TR17 - Conor Jackson
TR16 - Joe Mauer
TR3 - Jimmy Foxx

Right off the bat, I know that since I'm not a Braves or Brian McCann fan, I have no use for the relic card. Hopefully someone out there needs one and would like to make a trade. I've got the base set sorted out, but I need to make a list of the cards I need.

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  1. Yo meng - i am down for a trade of course - shoot me an email ( when yuo have your list together and i will see what I can help you with!