Friday, April 17, 2009

Alex Gordon Continually Lets Me Down

I need to quickly get my thoughts down about the Golden Valley 55ers, the fantasy baseball team I run with Mike Forbes.

A quick recap from Week 1 goes like this: Our pitching got shelled. Delmon Young didn't play much, Alex Gordon got hurt.

We've been running this Alex Gordon/Melvin Mora thing at 3b ever since we opted against promoting Chris Davis from our minor league team prior to our auction. The thought process was that if Alex Gordon could bust out, we could sit on Davis until we needed a DH, or even longer if we didn't need him at all this year. He becomes a 1B next year unless he miraculously plays 10 games at 3B this year (Michael Young slid over there with Blalock DHing).

Alex Gordon got hurt at the end of Week 1. I was upset, because Alex Gordon continually lets me down, but figured we had Mora who was tearing the cover off the ball during Week 1 on our bench. I slide Mora in only to find out that he's got some sort of hamstring probelm, so we're playing a man down all week - which I hate.

Anyway, it looked like we'd have Gordon back for Week 3, and we'd promote Davis to play DH since the Twins can't find a way to find playing time for their 23 year old power-hitting prospect. You know, the same one they traded their best pitching prospect, Matt Garza, for just a year ago. And the same guy who hit 21 HRs when he was 21 years old, and who hit 14 last year, while batting in the neighborhood of .300. But yes, keep playing Carlos Gomez Gardy.

So now I find out Alex Gordon has a hip tear and also find out that Vlad is headed back to Los Angeles of Anaheim to see the doctor because of this strained pectoral that was keeping him only at DH (fine with me!). To recap, our bench is a MASH unit: Kaz Matsui (always something), Gordon (Hip), Mora (Hamstring), Vlad (Pec), Delmon Young (Pride), and Taylor Teagarden doesn't play.

What to do? Well it was between Mike Jacobs, the 1B from Kansas City or Kevin Kouzmanoff, the 3B from San Diego. I flipped a coin (beacuse none of this is important enough to bother my co-owner with) and it came up Jacobs. So the bid is in, and Mora is on waivers. He'll likely not be back.

We're going to end up having to waive Randy Johnson, who I don't want to waive, just to clear room to get Davis up, who isn't even playing that well. Plus, I'm clearing more room to pick up Scott Downs who may or may not close for the Blue Jays. This is solely as a trading chip, but someone has to go to make room and that guy will likely be Micah Owings.

Side note from the week. I was unable to trade Jonathan O. Sanchez for even a 2nd round minor league pick, so we'll hold him for now, even though I don't think I have the strength to play him.

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