Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alex Gordon Must Die

Okay, that's a little harsh, but it's almost true. Forbes and I came to a unanimous decision via texting that Alex Gordon is no longer welcome on our fantasy baseball team. We're clearing room to promote the struggling Chris Davis. With the entire team struggling outside of Ryan Howard and Ryan Doumit, we'll just sit back and see how things go for a while.

One of the lone bright spots thus far has been Heath Bell's 7 saves in 2 weeks. We sat him Week 2 in favor of struggling Mike Gonzalez, which just goes to show you can't guess right on saves. I think from this point on we'll stay with Coco Cordero and Heath Bell for the time being, while hoping our new pickup, Scott Downs, eventually steals the saver title from B.J. Ryan in Toronto.

Our Week 3 lineup looks like this:

Doumit, Howard, Weeks, Tulowitzki, Davis, BJ Upton, Beltran, Hart, and Jacobs at DH.
Liriano, Verlander, Myers, Volstad, Cordero, Bell and this weeks #7 pitcher, Jonathan O. Sanchez. Yup, that's just how fickle I am about the guy. 5 days ago I was trying to give him away and now I'm throwing him back into the lineup after a decent performance this week.

If Kent's axiom of bad one week, great the next and vice versa holds true we'll contine to start Sanchez only for his terrible starts.

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  1. I'm so very very excited that Doumit was hurt and the Pirates decided to release that info well after the week began.