Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April HBL Meeting

Forbes and I have agreed to meet monthly to discuss 'the situation' with our beloved Golden Valley 55ers. What came of our April meeting is that we decided there aren't any useful pitchers available as Free Agents and that we should probably sign Kevin Kouzmanoff while he's still available. So, goodbye Taylor Teagarden, and hello Kouz. I'm happy about this signing and feel like we're buying low on the 27 year old. He plays in a big park, but he put up big slugging numbers last year even if they don't show up in his HR totals. Since we use total bases instead of HRs in our 5x5 mixed league it works beautifully for us. I'm still putting behind the terribleness that was/is our 3b situation of Alex Gordon, Melvin Mora, and Chris Davis. I'm still praying for Davis every night.

I also ripped open a few more packs from my box of 2009 Topps Series 1 last night. I'm now two-thirds of the way through it. The highlights from last night were gold parallels of Roy Oswalt and Francisco Liriano, a Gary Sheffield Ring of Honor (from his '97 Marlins team), and 3 Legends of the Game cards ft. Thurman Munson, Tris Speaker, and Honus Wagner. Saying Thurman Munson "retired" in 1979 was definitely one way to put it, although that did lead me to read his Wikipedia page today.

I'll probably open a few more of the remaining 12 packs tonight, and hope to see what I'm missing by the end of the week.

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