Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Dipped Into Ebay, Not Sure How I Feel

Okay, so here's the deal. I've added two Goudey Graphs from this year's set to my collection.

But I had to go to eBay to do it. I really didn't want to, but I also really wanted to add these cards to my collection.

So . . . the backstory. If you've read any of my posts over the summer and into the fall, you'll know that I did a good bit of training for some 10K races this summer with Brian. He and I were breaking packs and blasters of Goudey for reward for finishing various achievements throughout the season. After we were three blasters into our Goudey season, Brian started to lament how we should have just laid of some cash for a hobby box, thus garaunteeing ourselves a Goudey Graph and some memorabilia cards. My reaction to this was:

"Brian, do you really want to lay out $80 to land a Marlon Byrd autograph?"

Thus the Marlon Byrd phenomenon was born. Anytime we talked about getting a bad hit from a box, we'd always say "you're just going to pull a Marlon Byrd anyway". Even when he broke a box of Philadelphia Football Brian dubbed his Quentin Jammer auto a Marlon Byrd.

I knew at this point I'd have to grab the Goudey Graph of Marlon at some point since it was such a key part our conversations around collecting this summer. This card is priceless to me.

Next up is the backstory on Lou Marson, who has since been dealt to the Indians (I believe in the Cliff Lee deal). As we were breaking these blasters of Goudey this summer, the doubles and triples started to pile up. For whatever reason Brian started to end up with a whole stack of Lou Marson cards, and I had approximately six Greg Golson's. In all honesty, stories like these are why I collect cards. All summer we joked about trying to get a TTM autograph from each of these players for one another. As of now, neither of us has taken the time to do it, so I figured I'd do the next best thing and pick up a Lou Marson Goudey Graph for my partner in crime.

In case you are wondering, I picked up each of these for $2 in a "Best Offer" auction. There was also the one that got away, a Prince Fielder Goudey Graph. Prince went for $16.50 which was just over what I was willing to pay. If there is someone else out there with a 2009 Prince Goudey Graph, I'd be interested in that. Or a Greg Golson Goudey Graph. I think they made one of those as well.


  1. don't feel too bad about using eBay. When you realize how much money you just saved yourself by throwing down for packs, blasters, and hobby boxes in hopes of completing a set, just to end up with a bunch of commons that you can't get rid of.

  2. Agreed. Buying hobby boxes - especially newer releases - in search of hits is crazy. If you're gonna hit search, you may as well stick to packs. No, you're not guaranteed any this way, but spending $20 and getting a crappy hit is better than spending $100 and getting three crappy hits, right? The fun starts to dissipate when you buy ALL of your hits off the internet - then there's no story behind any of them, which is what makes card collecting fun in the first place!

  3. I wasn't feeling terrible about it . . . for the reasons you both noted. I think I felt worse missing on the Fielder card. It was nice to put something tangible with the stories of this past summer.

    Not many people got down on the Goudey set this year so trying to find trading partners has been nearly impossible. If anyone sees someone with Goudey Graphs or SPs for trade, let me know. I'll toss a finder's fee your way.

  4. I got 09 goudeys....what are you looking for?

  5. Duane - I'm looking for anything 201-300. I've got some, but not a ton. I haven't updated my 4-in-1 list but I'm still looking for about 50 of those as well.

  6. I have these SPs to trade: 204 222 223 229 231 236 239 244 245 247 252 252 254 255 257 270 270 271 278 281 283 287 288 292 293 293 294 296 296 299

    I am also doing the 4n1's but I dont have a list posted but I have a number of doubles there as well.