Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1993 Topps Stadium Club Master Photo #2

Blogger decided to be a pain in my butt last night and not let me upload photos. As promised, number two in my series of six 1993 Stadium Club Master Photos that I purchased from an estate sale this weekend.

I've actually got quite the soft spot for Delino DeShields. He was a staple of my early 90s fantasy teams. I loved his speed and bat at second base. Paired up with Marquis Grissom in Montreal it was fun to watch that team run.

Delino went on to have a nice little 13 year career with his best season coming in 1997 with the Cardinals.

And since a couple of you emailed asking me . . . yes I'll consider trading these if you come across something you like. Of the six, there's probably going to be one that I'm going to have to keep.

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