Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jack Morris Goudey SP

Hello Jack Morris! In a Tigers uniform no less.

Jack Morris is a borderline Hall of Famer in my book. I could go either way. If he got in, I wouldn't be upset. If he was left on the outside looking in I could see why people felt that way too.

I don't use wins as a way to measure how great a pitcher was, but he did win at least 14 games over the course of 13 of 14 seasons culminating with his 21 win season in 1992 with the Blue Jays. That season is one reason you can't take wins seriously. 4.04 ERA. Those 21 wins were a product of an explosive Jays offense.

Morris did have approximately 8 seasons of dominant pitching. Do you need to be a pitcher who strikes out a batter per inning to be dominant and get into the Hall of Fame? In the roto world we live in now, it almost seems like you have to for quite some time. Morris averaged only 5.83 strikeouts per nine innings over his career, and had a WHIP of nearly 1.30. I believe these are the things keeping him out of the Hall.

In the end, I'm glad to add Jack to my Goudey collection. I'm still searching for more short prints from last year, and if you have any laying around, please let me know, I'd love to take them off your hands one way or another. My needs list is in the right sidebar.

This Jack Morris card came as part of a 4 card lot on eBay.

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