Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sports Royalty Mike Bossy

I must confess. I don't know who Mike Bossy is. I'm not even intrigued a little bit to find out.

Maybe once fantasy baseball stops destroying my will to live I'll look into who this guy is. For now, enjoy his portrait.

On a separate and somewhat related note I commented on a post over at Sewingmachineguy on Cards. This turned out to be an excellent idea as I'm now set to receive a few more of these Goudey short prints to try and complete my 2009 set. In exchange I plan to hit a few of his 2009 T206 needs.

Anyone who follows through on a comment from me, to my blog, to my needs list and actually knocks a few off is alright by me. Thanks for taking the time to poke around - it's much appreciated.

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