Friday, September 3, 2010

Contest Time: Two Ways To Win

As I've been saying today, there's this thing:


Don't want to take the time to solve it, but still want a shot at the David Price Sweet Beginnings auto? I'll make you a deal.

You shamelessly promote this contest with a short entry on your blog, click the little follow button on my blog, and leave me a comment in this thread so I know you have and you'll be entered to win the Price auto if no one solves the code/puzzle. Deal? It's win-win.

Let's say if no one has solved it by the time we crown a World Series champ, I'll draw for a winner of the card, and upgrade the prize for anyone who can solve it.

Or you could just solve it right now and declare yourself the winner. Your choice!


  1. I took a bunch of time and still have no clue so I will plug and wait.

    You can send me a hint if you want. haha

  2. Contest link located at:

  3. Followed, pimped (, and now commented, so I'm in like Flynn. Cool contest.

  4. I'm following your blog now, and I've made a post about your contest on my blog, but I plan on cracking the cipher.