Monday, October 11, 2010

A&G Blaster Pack #5

I'm leading once again with the mini from the pack. I think Topps did a nice job on the design of some of the mini-subsets and no-so-great on others. Visually the grey is appealing to me, and anchors the card. Dinosaurs are cool.

Who's more ferocious? Velo-ci-raptor or Mike Leake? You're right . . . not Mike Leake. Where' the game face Mike?

E-Jack pre-trade . . . nice game face, but Velociraptor still wins.

Some guy named Tejada. Sorry Mets fans, I'm not required to know who #79 out of spring training is. My knowledge goes deep, but not this deep.

Mark Reynolds once tried to kill a Velociraptor, but he swung and missed him.

... ... ...

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