Friday, December 17, 2010

More Brewers Gold & Contest Update

Brew Crew Kockout!  Another fantastic card from the 2010 set, and it's in my hands.  I'd really really really really love the gold or black parallel of Prince's card #1 from the set.  Pleading with you readers out there ...

This card came as part of the aforementioned trade with Nachos Grande.  He's building quite the sweet set of 2010 Ginter relics, so see if you can help him out.

Code Challenge #2 is now a week old, and remains unbroken, although I can confirm some chips and cracks have been taken out of it.

Just remember, I have tried to take some common concepts and put them to use in my code.  Some that I learned from the Ginter Code challenges and some that I learned on my own.  Pattern recognition is key.  First Ginter Code had words that interlocked from card to card to set the order.  Second Ginter Code had a group of 9 cards in order 1-9 that paired with another group of 9 cards in order to give you your start.  Third Ginter Code gave you birthday hints throughout the set to figure out how to group the cards and start the de-transposing.  All great codes in their own way, all primarily based on transposition and finding which pieces of text to read.

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