Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some Gold & Code Contest Update

Bernie's Bash Brothers.  Love it.  I love both you guys equally, but not as much as I'd love having a rotation and bullpen .  .  . but also not as much as I love the trade I pulled off with Chris at Nachos Grande.  You can see the relics I sent his way from the 2010 A&G set.  If you've got some lying around that you'd like to deal for cards  you'd enjoy more, I'd encourage you to look at his want list.  Chris is one of the easiest guys out there to trade with and his list is always filled with potential trade fits.  Check it out.

I'd still love to trade for any other 2010 Brewers gold parallels.  Let me know if you've got something.

Now for a little code contest update.  Last time I put up a code contest, I had a lot better idea who was working on it, and what they had managed to figure out.  This time, I know nothing.  Which is fine.  Just know that I'll be using a sliding scale for determining the prize.  Maybe it will slide all the way up to that 1951 Topps Blue Back Johnny Mize card.  Anyone find any interesting things in the code yet?

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