Thursday, October 7, 2010

My ALDS Game #1 Yankees/Twins Photo Tour

Just grabbed a couple of the pictures I liked that I took at last night's game.

1st pitch!

Liriano was dealing to open . . .

A-Rod, Jeter, and Cano . . .

Thome gets hit by a pitch (you can see the ball after the richochets in the upper left corner of the picture)

Cuddy homers!

Twins try to rally . . .

Jeter tells Mo to shut the door.

I'll try to post more later when I get the chance if anyone is interested in anything specific - let me know!


  1. The Twins had a golden opportunity to take the lead in the series last night against the Yankees. They had the lead and let is slip away and then in the 8th inning just couldnt convert with two men on. The Yankees now have some momentum and given recent history they really have a huge advantage over the Twins mentally.

  2. Completely agreed. The Twins absolutely have to win tonight and the first game in NY just to have a chance . . . mentally.