Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Allen & Ginter Ripoff

Yup, I'm implying exactly what the title of this post says. I, well we, were ripped off. Unless of course I'm overlooking something super awesome in my pack of Allen and Ginter cards that was gifted to me by a friend.

Here's the deal, I got the pack as a gift, but I'd still enjoy it if Topps played by the rules, so to speak:

So here's my main issue. 8 Picture Cards. Packs with a framed insert contain 7 cards.

I implore you to show me where it says "Random packs to contain only 6 cards".

And just in case you're thinking about picking up some hobby packs at your local hobby shop, and you're also thinking "wow, that was a fluke!" . . . guess again. All three packs, purchased from the same hobby box at a local card shop contained only six cards. 2 packs contained 5 base cards and one mini, and then there was my pack:

That's Equestrian Champion Will Simpson and Archie Bunker #228

Next up was Negro League All Star Art Pennington #97

Followed by everyone's favorite Padre Rookie, Edwin Moreno #120. If you're counting along at home that's 3 cards thus far.

The fourth card finally pays dividends for me, CC Sabathia Baseball Highlights #AGHS20. CC you'll always be a Brewer in my heart. Thanks for the ride last year.

No one could match the next card I pulled. A mother fsk'n Dominique Wilkins Slam Dunk Champion card #346. I really loved 80s basketball.

And finally, my 6th card of the 8 I was promised, leaving two cards to be named later in this deal on Topps' side, was Nick Markakis [American] National Pride #NP34

Now I'm off to see who else is experiencing this rob-job from Topps.


  1. My 2 pack had a mini card each that were pretty nice
    4 bucks a pack

  2. That's how I understand the packs are supposed to work as well.

    I'm just hoping the box that's enroute for Gint-a-Cuffs shows up Monday with mostly full packs.

  3. If I don't pull that Markakis in one of my boxes, would you consider trading it?

  4. beardy - if you pull something Brewers-y in your box let's trade right away. Or if you've got any of those Goudey SPs laying around that I'm looking for.

  5. Call me crazy, but I think basketball cards in a baseball product are stupid. And it's not helped by the fact that it's not "licensed" and Wilkins is wearing a teamless jersey.

    Between that, 6 card packs, and 'hits' of mascots, I'm not seeing a reason to go the hobby route with this set. Seems like retail may be the way to go to build the set...

  6. Joe - I agree, probably the best route.

    I don't plan to build this set, I'm in it for the glory of Gint-a-Cuffs, so once I break the box anyone that wants to trade for the cards should just let me know. I'd like to finish the Goudey set.

  7. I got a retail pack with only 4 cards and no mini, but nothing like that in 2 hobby boxes.

  8. After learning that blaster packs only have 6 cards in them, I'm thinking that some of those packs snuck into the hobby box we were buying out of. Since the pack was still marked as an 8 card pack on the wrapper I figure something must have went wrong back at the factory.

    4 cards and no mini would be highly disappointing.