Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Box Break Part 6: Assorted Goodness To Speed Up Scoring

Just wanted to make a public correction on my score since I've done a horrible job adding it up to this point.

4 Base Yankees (-4) + 1 Yankees SP (+5-1 = +4) + 2 Turds (-2) = -2

So my overall score headed into this post is +43.

+10 Josh Hamilton N43 Box Topper
-2 Base Yankees + Turds
+4 Crack the Code
+2 Favorite Team
+20 National Pride
+9 Black Bordered Minis

Now for some new stuff:

Base cards of favorite players. +2 all around for a subtotal of +12

Next up, the Negro League Stars:

Pennington, Simpson, and Navarro net me a +6. Running total up to +61

Sketch cards of Lester (+3), A-Rod (+3), Ichiro (+3), and Chippah (+3). I'm actually a bit sketchy on the scoring here, since I don't see a Yankees penalty laid out here, but then again there is no bonus for favorite players list either, so well consider this +12.

The total now stands at +73. For good measure we'll chunk all the 301-350 SPs on here at the end:

That's 11 for +55. Running Total now stands at +128. Stay tuned, more to come.

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