Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Box Break Part 7: Even More Stuff!

Alright, even more Allen & Ginter goodness this morning. After this post I should have nothing left but to reveal the hits from my box.

Featured here are the mini A&G backs I pulled in the box.

JJ Hardy and Corey Hart bring in +3 apiece for being both mini, A&G back, and Brewerlicious. Duchscherer is both short printed and an A&G back with gives him a
+9. The other three, Rasmus, DeWitt and Hafner are just +2 for the A&G back. Subtotal +21. Running total now stands at +149.

Two more standard mini short prints, +7 each:

Bringing the total up to +163.

Two hoaxes, two National Heroes (still can't believe I sent William Wallace to Beardy!), and Negro League star Red Moore mini, which is pending scoring. For now I'll score it just the +2 for being a Negro Leage star, just like the regular sized base cards. Add another +22 to my score bringing it to +185.

It's been fun recapping the box break in this fashion. All that's left are the hits and I'll look to post those over lunch. Check back in for the finale.

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