Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fat Pack Busted: Topps 2009 U&H

Today will be a glorious day for several reasons:

1. Getting back into the swing of things on the distance running
2. I've started to organize my FOR TRADE spreadsheet
3. I'm headed to a shop to pick up some packs to break. Any suggestions, I haven't done anything new in a while and would appreciate the advice
4. I'm finally going to get some packages out to people that I've promised cards to

To celebrate, I've got some more 2009 Topps U&H to display and offer up in trade for anything on my Topps Series 2 need list.

First up, I've got one card I'm not going to trade. Mr. October LotG. Very fitting after posting his rookie card a week or so ago.

Then there's this beauty. I don't really like the Yankees, but his card is fantastic. I feel like U&H does a better job getting different shots of players. Seriously, hate the Yankees all you want, this card is just silly!

I also reeled in 9 All-Star game cards. I'm in agreement with most everyone out there when I say they did a great job on this subset with the logo placement, etc.

I hauled in one gold parallel of Mark Lowe from the Mariners, and sadly I've never heard of him.

I was very excited to get my hands on the Chris Coughlan rookie card. Chris is a nice player for the Marlins, makes good contact and can hit to all fields. Did I ever mention how much I dislike the Rookie Card logo? Anyone else with me on this? I don't like that it's on the cards nor the actual artwork for it.

A couple more Classic Combos for the collection . . . Mark Schlereth (Broncos) and his brother Daniel who pitches for the D'Backs to go along with LaRussa and Leyland.

Kris Medlen had some hype this year for the Braves.

And last but not least, a really cool action shot of Ronny Cedeno. Well done Topps!

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  1. Awesome shot!

    LOL Apparently Cedeno's been playing too much Super Mario & thinks that jumping onto opposing players will make them shoot off the field and get points for his team...