Monday, November 30, 2009

Mat Gamel Goudey Graph

In my quest to add a pile of Goudey Graphs from this year's, I once again dipped my toes into eBay. What I walked away with is what you see here, Mr. Mat Gamel. I think he's got a nice signature and put it in a stellar spot on the card, unlike Gallardo who penned his name in blue against the dark blue Brewers jersey.

Mat had a tough rookie campaign, but I still fully expect him to fill 75% of Prince's shoes once the Brewers deal Fielder for some pitching (a man can dream). Gamel may have looked okay at the hot corner but his destiny lies at first base.

I still lament losing out on the Fielder Goudey Graph earlier this fall since I've yet to see another resurface. If anyone out there has it, and wouldn't mind parting with it, please let me know. Same goes for the Bill Hall Goudey Graph and JJ Hardy Goudey Memorabilia card.

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