Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking For A Good Home For Some Leftovers

I have some leftover 2009 A&G cards that didn't make it into anyone's home this summer after trying to trade for the minis, and I'm putting them up for adoption.

I'm not asking for anything in return, but if you have a few cards to throw my way off my needs list that would be fantastic. And again, totally unnecessary.

There are 40 base cards:


The bigger baseball names are Youkilis, Utley, Cano, Crawford, Hill, Markakis, and Helton.

There are 7 National Pride cards:

NP35 Manny Ramirez, NP48 Jorge Cantu, NP49 Max Scherzer, NP59 Miguel Cabrera, NP60 Stephen Drew, NP61 Mark Teahen, NP71 Josh Hamilton

Nine code cards from my failed attempt this summer!

#69 Loney, #52 Hill, #77 Liriano, #215 Lowrie, #62 Uggla, #59 Reynolds, #70 Ankiel, #1 Bruce, #147 Crisp

And finally 2 SPs in Dominique Wilkins and Curtis Granderson.


  1. I am in for the code cards////we need to trade goudeys and I have a ton of the A&G minis.


  2. Duane, can you do me a favor and shoot me an email. Let's work something out tonight/tomorrow. I think that's the only thing stopping me is I didn't have an easy way to contact you. I'll put you down for the code cards. I'd love to trade those 9 for 9 Goudey cards I need.

  3. Hey I'd love to trade for some of the base cards that you have available. I don't have anything off of your needs list but I can hook you up with some other cards that you desire. I'll send you an email to see if you're interested.

  4. did you get the email....I have way more goodies than 09 goudey though!