Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Momma Said Knock You Out!

This is just going to be a very bare bones pack break because I'm planning to actually get up another need/want/trade list for Topps Series 2.

So here it is, another Topps Updates & Highlights. For the record, I'm not planning to collect this entire series, so if you see something you like please let me know.

Headline was the first thing that jumped into my head after scanning those four.

I kind of dig some of these U&H cards, like this one with Jeter and Girardi. I had an idea the other day that someone should do a set of cards documenting each game in the season. Yeah, probably crazy, but it would be interesting to see a snapshot from every game, something unique to document the season.

Some Turkey Red for those of you who dig on that!

Some All-Star love! HOFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!


Are Topps Town cards? Should they be? I don't think so. Do people collect these?


  1. I'd love to trade for some of those turkey reds if they're still available. I'm going to have a bunch of series two for trade in a few days...

  2. Sounds good Jeremy. I also picked up a Manny Ramirez Turkey Red in a series 2 pack yesterday.

    I want to say I have around 5 others from Series 1 as well.

  3. cool. I'm still needing a lot of TR from series one. I have some holes in series two and BIG holes to fill in updates, but I'm still opening packs of that. I just opened a box of series two, so hopefully I should have lots of cards to fill your needs.

  4. Oooh man do I like that Jeter and Girardi. I'd like to make an offer once I see that need/want list you post.