Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reggie Jackson RC

I finally rescued some of my childhood player collections from my parent's basement.

I'll likely spend some time this week documenting what I brought back. This includes my Jim Palmer collection which isn't nearly as big as I thought it was, but still contains some nice cards I picked up back at card shows in the mid 90s.

What I decided to post today was a card I'd forgotten about. A Reggie Jackson rookie card from the 1969 Topps set. This card is clearly far from perfect condition, but I remember being very excited to find a chance to own it. As you can see, part of the picture side of the card is missing. Luckily it stops just before Reggie's name and doesn't affect any of the picture itself. I have no clue what a card in this condition would be valued at, but I'm very excited to know that I have it.

When I first started collecting cards in 1987, that was Jackson's last Topps card and even then it was cool to pull Mr. October out of your wax.

Now I'm off to finish watching the shootout between the Bucs and Packers *gasp*


  1. Hey, Im watching the Bucs/Packers game,too. I would guess that we are rooting for different teams though... I can't believe how well the Bucs are doing against such a great team. I know the Pack will win, but good job to the Bucs for not rolling over in their goofy creamsicle gear. The Reggie card is awesome! That is a card that has some history, that has a story to it! I can't stand off center, miscut cards, but I love a card that is well loved like that one. Great find! I always enjoy digging around in the parents storage hoping to find an old gem like that.

  2. I wish there were a way to bring back my 1965-67 cards. I think I gave them away as a kid.

    TMZ caught Reggie walking around in New York the other day. He acted as if he was having a hard time getting tickets for Game 6. He asked Joe Morgan (who happened by) who told Reg he should have asked sooner. Is he putting us on? Mr October can't get VIP seats at Yankee Stadium?

  3. CT - Nice game by Tampa. I think regime change is coming in GB at the end of the year. Either that or our GM is going to need to actually make some serious talent upgrades via free agency for once.

    Hackenbush - Wow, seriously? That's got to be a joke. I'd have to assume he's got seats somewhere unless he did something bad to the Steinbrenner family on his way out. Anything left from your 60s collection? Or is it literally all gone?

  4. I have only a small amount of my original 67's. I remember buying 1965's and 66's but they are all gone. Maybe there weren't that many anyway, as I was really young. I have everything I bought from 1968 to 1975 when I stopped collecting as a teen. I do have a reasonably nice '69 Jackson. Whatever it's worth I know I got it for a penny.